Monday, July 26, 2010

Check it out!!!

So, I've had mixed feelings about having just one blog. AND I've decided that 2 are in order for what I'm aiming at here. 1 for "the business" and 1for the uncensored all about me. So, if you dare...follow me and Life As ME here.

I'll be adding more items in the next few days and will do the first give away once we hit 100 followers! =0) So let's get this party started!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things I love Thursday...My brother Logan.

I woke up this morning to find my phone dead. Hmmm....guess I forgot to plug it in. Oh well, nothing new. So I plug my lifeline in and let it charge. About 30mins later I turn it on and immediatly 2 new text messages.

First, from my cousin. "You awake?" By this time it's 8:30am, so I'm like...yeah.

Second, from my little brother Logan. "I just volunteered to go to a different unit who's going to Afganistan in December, so I'll be going back." WTF?!?! No need for coffee to wake me up today!

I seriously just felt like someone had punched me in the gut. My baby brother, whom had already had 1 tour in Afgany land and returned home SHOT by enemy fire is...... GOING BACK!??!?!

So I know this is what HE wants and where HE feels he needs to be. I'm so utterly proud of this guy and his beautiful wife. His sacrifices for our country astound me. I don't have the words to express how freaking proud I am of him.

My little brother is AWESOME. Pure awesomeness! All that AND a bag of chips. I love love love him to pieces. So my Thing I Love Thursday....My awesome little brother. <3

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What I meant to say.....


Chick at Taco Bell Drive thru "Oh you wanted the KFC #8 meal"?

What I said, "Yes, please, that is what I ordered."

What I meant to say,"Yes, asshat (thanks to CB for my new word, I love it!) how many times do you need me to repeat it?!?!?!?"

Wordless Wednesday....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I do.....

So, I make things. That's what I do. From food, to hair doo-dad's, I do it all. I like to make pretty stuff. You can check out my page on Facebook here. I prefer to make custom designs that are individual to each person/child. Makes everything a bit more special. =0) Feel free to poke around, see what I've done, and if you have something in mind that I don'thave, feel free to message me and we'll get that taken care of! Happy Shopping!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Tuesday Tag-Along


Post It Tuesdays. =0)

FML...this has been a day for the books.

I think I bit off more than I can chew today. Scratch think, KNOW! Let's see, we start blog, new Etsy page, new Facebook page promoting the F.A.T.S. Momma, maintaining my normal Facebook page, Craigslist, hotmail, new Blackberry (set up on that one is a bitch, shoulda got the iPhone!), Fayth and Abbi running under foot (will detail more of that later), Tallie and Samantha bored out of their sweet little 10yr old minds, cleaning, laundry, etc, etc, etc.......

So, in the mix of all my daily duties in cyberworld, Fayth decided to take advantage of mommy not being 100% focused on her. Little turd. She "helped" me feed Abbi. The entire can of peas. Yep, the ENTIRE can of peas. Have I mentioned that I HATE peas???? Oh yes, give me a shitty diaper..oh wait we had one of those earlier, hence no cover on the highchair...over a can of peas anyday! So this pea incident is coming after Abs' poop explosion, so the kid has had 2 baths today. Fast forward to nap time.


Fought with BOTH kids about a nap until Fayth decided to paint her eyes pink...with nail polish.


So after a FRANTIC call to the Pediatric Opthamologist, which tells us to flush her eyes, and a frantic call to Sam's mom, How fast can you get here???, Fayth is now peacefully napping in her little orange panties on my couch and Abbi is in bed. Time for a Sister Mary Cosmo. Oh hell, it's only 4:30pm.

F.A.T.S. What's in a name???

So, I'm sure you are all in suspense, right? What does F.A.T.S mean???? Well, it stands for F Fayth, A Abbi, T Tallie, and S Shawn. My 4 wonderful and amazing and drive me to the next galaxy crazy kids.

Shawn is actually the oldest, he's 13 going on 30, my wiz kid that knows E V E R Y T H I N G. He and I had many conversations over acryonyms that would incorporate their initials and yet be a, kinda funky name. We ruled out, STAF, (no one wants to buy something made by a business named STAF....hello STAPH infections?!?!) TAFS, AFTS, and well, FATS just kinda stuck. It felt "right". So, you know a little about the S in FATS, let me introduce you to the rest and my inspiration for my custom creations. T aka Tallie aka Drama Queen, is my 10yr old pre-tween. Lord, help us all with this one. She's got enough imagination for 10 countries and some to spare, energy and appitite to match, and my first born and oldest "Princess". F Fayth, the "middle" daughter, just turned 2 and LOVES mommy's new pretties. This is my girly girl and my model for all the new tutu's and hair pieces. A Abbi, well, this is my Bug. Abs will be 1 this month, and she's my baby. Total momma's girl and I love EVERY minuet of it. So, I'm sure you've concluded correctly, yes we have 4 GIRLS! My poor husband, right??? Yeah. Sure.

A New Begining

Day 1.

Hello all! Happy Monday! What a GREAT way to start the week, a new blog! First and formost I want to give a shout out to my special friend Crystal, for the help and encouragement in starting this. This wouldn't be happening without her. :0)

So, I ask that everyone bear with me, this should be a very interesting ride. I'm starting a new business and trying to maintain my sanity as a stay at home mom to 4.