Monday, July 19, 2010

F.A.T.S. What's in a name???

So, I'm sure you are all in suspense, right? What does F.A.T.S mean???? Well, it stands for F Fayth, A Abbi, T Tallie, and S Shawn. My 4 wonderful and amazing and drive me to the next galaxy crazy kids.

Shawn is actually the oldest, he's 13 going on 30, my wiz kid that knows E V E R Y T H I N G. He and I had many conversations over acryonyms that would incorporate their initials and yet be a, kinda funky name. We ruled out, STAF, (no one wants to buy something made by a business named STAF....hello STAPH infections?!?!) TAFS, AFTS, and well, FATS just kinda stuck. It felt "right". So, you know a little about the S in FATS, let me introduce you to the rest and my inspiration for my custom creations. T aka Tallie aka Drama Queen, is my 10yr old pre-tween. Lord, help us all with this one. She's got enough imagination for 10 countries and some to spare, energy and appitite to match, and my first born and oldest "Princess". F Fayth, the "middle" daughter, just turned 2 and LOVES mommy's new pretties. This is my girly girl and my model for all the new tutu's and hair pieces. A Abbi, well, this is my Bug. Abs will be 1 this month, and she's my baby. Total momma's girl and I love EVERY minuet of it. So, I'm sure you've concluded correctly, yes we have 4 GIRLS! My poor husband, right??? Yeah. Sure.


The Simple Jocabell Life said...

Oh, I love the name! I did the same with my blog! Jocabell(Joclyn & Isabella).

Simply Fitting Into Life...and my old jeans
The Simple Jocabell Life

F.A.T.S Momma said...

I like that, Jocabell. I love love love the name Isabella. That was a close contender during the name the bean era with Fayth. =0)